Maintenance and Home Watch

for resort homes in Central Oregon

Your home is a huge financial and emotional investment, and Hearth has the tools to help you manage it well.

One contact for ALL your home needs:

Good management is based on good data. Our annual maintenance checklists will help to guard your investment against depreciation. These will be implemented quarterly or monthly, depending on the needs of your home, and each visit will include an hour of regular maintenance "fixes." We will also include a third-party full home inspection every 5 years. All maintenance work will be documented in a home service log.

Our annual program also compiles a room-by-room electronic inventory of the products in your home, including a photo library. This information is crucial for making smart decisions related to insurance, emergency repairs, or even for planning the replacement of items at the end of their life-expectancy.

"Home watch" is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. This added service checks for damage and security-related issues to help reduce the risks of an unoccupied home (absent for 30 days or more). Hearth is insured, bonded, and accredited through the National Home Watch Association.

Hearth is able to respond to your home needs quickly because 1) we have already gathered the necessary Maintenance and Inventory information, and 2) we provide a variety of in-house expertise which includes almost any handyman task that you can imagine for your home, plus some limited concierge services. Let's eliminate that To-Do list and start on your dream projects!

It took a small army to build your home, and now you have access to our small army of professionals to maintain and improve your home! Fair & Square Handiwork (CCB# 228686) is the general contracting subsidiary of Hearth, with years of building and remodeling experience. In addition, Hearth is prepared to help coordinate any regularly scheduled service providers for your home (e.g. pet-sitting, cleaners, pest control, holiday decorations, driveway sealing, etc.).

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